Vegan and vegetarian dining in Keswick

When we first set up the Fellpack restaurant, we made a conscious decision to ensure that the menu would offer something for everyone. This meant going for some classics, some more slightly unusual combinations and considering those who don’t eat meat or animal products. Every time we update our menu we keep this balance and put the same amount of thought and planning into every single dish.

While most restaurants have a few dishes suitable for vegans and vegetarians, we didn’t want it to feel like these were alternatives. Instead, we wanted them to feel like equal dishes on the menu that would be so delicious, anyone would want to eat them, not just people who are vegan or vegetarian.

So whether you are dining at the Fellpack restaurant, The Round or The Darkroom, there will be a number of vegan or vegetarian options for you to choose from. We just hope we haven’t made it hard for you by making it too difficult to choose!