Try fell running

Choose a favourite local loop

Fell running is a huge part of Cumbrian culture, and Keswick Athletic Club – founded back in 1974 – has a membership list that includes some of the true greats of the sport. Simple at its heart, fell running is really just about moving quickly – or as fast as you can! – over the fells and sometimes battling it out with fellow “mad runners” in a race. Fell races take place around Cumbria – as well as in neighbouring hilly northern counties – and during the main part of the season you could end up racing a couple of times a week if you wanted.

You don’t have to start with a race, though. If you fancy trying fell running but aren’t quite sure where to begin, why not check out one of the six routes our team has created. They’re all loops that start and finish at The Round (s0 you can get a burger to refuel afterwards!), and they vary from 5km to 20km.