The 15 door move

Sometimes you hear of a friend who moves to a house on the same street and you think: how boring!

Yet we’ve done it, and you know what, it feels good!

19 Lake Road – the original Fellpack restaurant – was a gem, but we had outgrown the kitchen. So we rolled the dice, moved 15 spaces further down Lake Road into number 34.

The site used to be the home of Morrel’s, a great restaurant that had provided excellent fare for 20-years to those who visited. However, a desire to retire from their owners meant we were able to make the move.

A frantic four-week renovation project allowed us to make a few keys changes. We moved the bar to provide two inviting dining spaces: Fellside & Lakeside. We modernised the kitchen and we got excited with Farrow & Ball paint and Fired Earth tiles.

Over the coming months we will keep improving our design for the site, but we hope we have managed to transfer some of the magic of 19 Lake Road to number 34, whilst retaining some of the charms of the Morrel’s building.