Seventh Seal Swedish ‘Sprint’

Have you ever completed or dreamt of completing a UTMB Race?! 

Well, Abi Woolaston and Paul Dixon, both fabulous team members of Fellpack are setting sail for Sweden to complete a 50k challenging coastal race around southern Sweden called the Seventh Seal.

Winding around the coastal peninsula of Bjare, Sweden there are sure to be a plethora of beautiful views and hill or two to tackle.

This race begins in the small town of Bastad, heading south through the Sinarpsdalen valley to then climb the Hallandsasen ridge! 

Boy, will we be jealous of the views from the top of this mountain, displaying stunning views all the way south to Skalderviken bay!

Then it’s time to pick up the pace and run on the flat through (hopefully) beautiful green fields and quaint villages. Although, the weather is currently looking very wet and windy. What is the Scandinavian saying ‘no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes’? 

Well, a bit of sun never hurts does it ! 

The hopes are to come in the top 3 for Abi Woolesten, a beast of a runner, to then qualify for the notorious UTMB race in Chamonix next August. 

Wishing all the best luck to the racers jetting off to Sweden for the 4th of November. 

Let us know if you are doing any challenges through our Instagram @Fellpack