It’s Bob Graham season

It is easy to get a bit blasé about the Bob Graham Round (BGR) as we see many attempters leave the Moot Hall steps (opposite The Round) and a decent subset return in under 24-hours, completing the challenge, proudly receiving a beer from us at the finish line amidst the joy of their friends and fam.

Yet, lest we forget, this is a beast (if unfamiliar, just allow Google to whet your appetite, or horrify you).

Imagine a friend saying “hey, do you fancy going for an hour run, up and down hills” and you’d be thinking “that sounds hard – it more than ticks off the week’s exercise, let’s get a few beers after.”

So anyone signing up for 24 of those back-to-back deserves their moment in the sun.

However, a quirk of the challenge requires each peak of the 42 that need summiting to be witnessed by another. So a support crew is needed.

This is where we can help. If you are a BGR wannabe but don’t have a team to help then we can support you. The Bob Graham is divided into 5 sections and we have a group of runners who can be your no.2 on each of these tranches.

If needing some BGR support then just get in touch: