We are a curious collective. Yet, amid the myriad of interests and reasons for being part of the Fellpack troupe, talent is the connector.

The Fellpack kitchen team, set with the challenge of adding a non-bread hot option to The Darkroom menu, thought carefully about the brief. The space is tiny and there is no kitchen; but we love our food. An interesting conundrum.

Hot Bowls are their answer. I know, what a boring title. Has grandma put her soup in the oven for too long again? Yet, behind such meh-ness, are four absolute winners.

We have the pseudo-soups…. they are kinda like soups, but they are packed full of real food treats and flavour that take you way beyond the usual. Our Chicken & Vegetable broth is the top seller but our Minestrone is the dark horse, a proper Fellpack representation of a classic.

Then there are the two more hearty ones. The sweet potato & chickpea curry is a true Fellpack OG – for the 2017 fans this was a product that launched the business, yet the recipe has evolved and matured to new heights. The Moroccan braised beef on the other hand is straight out of the development kitchen, brand new in 2022 and so full of flavour without being spicy, which is testament to the skill of the chefs.

This is proper food, served in the daytime, hidden two floors up from the bustle of Lake Road in George Fisher. Come and pay us a visit.