Fellpack Adventures Launch

New for 2022, but a lifetime in the making.

We are part of the 214 Wainwright club, we’ve swam every lake and we have walked or run every path from Keswick. Yet, our enthusiasm for the adventures on our doorstep is stronger than ever.

Equally, we’ve worked with passion and commitment to develop our restaurants in Keswick. They are a reflection of our personality. Indeed, it is our collective joy of hospitality that unites us.

So, we are thrilled to tie these two loves together by launching Fellpack Adventures.

To be clear, these are not package tours sold by someone in the middle looking for a cut.

Quite the opposite.

You are guided by our team and our qualified friends. You eat in our restaurants and are BBQ’d by our Exec Chef. You stay in superb local accommodation, Cumbria House, that we have hand-picked for you and The Lodore Hotel have opened up their exclusive Falls Spa for us.

This is a beautiful vignette of the Lake District – yet it is real, run by locals and infused with passion.

This might sound like a sales pitch but it’s not. It is our vocation.

Find out more: Fellpack Adventures