Fellpack 10 – 2 Lake Road Brunch

Sometimes we football.

Granted it is rare, but occasionally the stars (i.e. rota) aligns and we can get the team out.

Lake Road Brunch is an excellent new eatery that has opened on, unsurprisingly, Lake Road and does the whole brunch to cocktails thing with aplomb (check it out here – lakeroadbrunch.co.uk). They also have lots of staff with football pedigree so we entered this fixture with trepidation.

One nil down quickly and we feared the worst. Yet, the Ivan Toney hold-up play of Paul Sanchez, the running power of James Appleton and Chris Gill, the defensive alliance of Boris Psodorov, John Butterfield and Mr. Distribution himself, goalkeeper Simon Grundy, eventually turned the tide.

In the end it was comfortable with all scoring. Yet, big victories require rematches and the November tussle is on!

ps. For the Boris Psodorov fans – who is not – he scored possibly the first ever “train” goal. An exact straight line from 30 yards out, running through players and then running through the ‘keeper with the ball. Get off the tracks, big Bozza is coming through. Choo Choo.

pps. Big shout out to The Round’s General Manager, James McCall, who came, who saw, but sadly was felled by the warm-up.