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Pip Conlon is Graphic designer.

The master of arts

A jack of all trades and master of, in fact, many, Pip is our artist in residence. She brings our ideas to life in glorious colour – whether that be a map of one of our Rounds from The Round running routes, a fell-themed Valentine’s card, or the itinerary for our Fellpack Adventures.

While When she’s not creating masterpieces for us, Pip can be found doing her main job teaching physics (she was also previously a vet so gets all our pet-related questions too!), climbing, or running the trails of Whinlatter forest. Luckily she knows them like the back of her hand, because one of the very few talents Pip does not possess is the ability to navigate – we still can’t work out how she manages to successfully compete in so many orienteering races without actually knowing how to use a compass…

Favourite Fellpack things: A cosmo royale for main course and an espresso martini for dessert!

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