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Paul Sanchez is Executive Chef.

Our very own “El Mago”

A Fellpack founder and the chief creator of all our food products. Since day one, the Sanch magic has been sprinkled all over what we’ve served in our restaurants.

Exuding a raw animal magnetism, he says little but attracts his fair share of groupies, whether it be for the food he makes or for the hair flick he has mastered. As such, you can find him making his first steps into the media, flirting his way through BBC Cumbria afternoon radio.

Ullswater Lake has become his mecca, having relocated from Hampshire via Western Australia, the Navy and London. He even did a stint up front for Wimbledon, so he says! Although a man of many talents, he is not necessarily the king of DIY. The phrase ‘a problem Sanched is a problem doubled’ has been known to ring true!

Favourite Fellpack things:

Pike O’Pickle burger; Salt Beef Frites fellpot

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