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Paige Ramsden is Restaurant Supervisor at The Round.

Chasing black holes & revelations

Paige might be a Muse fan – we’re not sure – but she is definitely a lover of Physics. She studied Astrophysics to be precise, at Birmingham University and has just graduated with first class honours.

She is fascinated by space, was part of the UK National Student Space Society Exec team and proudly represents a new generation of women in science. Whilst Fellpack is her current home, who knows whether the lure of Space X or Blue Origin might soon come calling.

Still, despite the big build up, this is a girl from East Lancs at heart. She is warm and kind, great with customers and loves a laugh especially if a drink or two might be involved. She has fallen in love with the Lakes, having only come last year for the summer with her partner, and finds happiness on Derwent Water in her kayak.

Favourite Fellpack things:

Beet the Pack with lentil chilli fries & extra jalapeños; Seitan steak and mushroom stroganoff; The Round’s margarita

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