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Nick Fuchs is Head Chef at The Round.

Like Tom Brady with burgers

Nick is the quarterback who joined as The Round had just opened and has steered the team to keep delivering more and more high-quality stats. I’m not sure where the Superbowl fits in this analogy, but the American Fuchsy would have at least two rings by now.

He has built a culture that makes being busy fun. As more tables get added, Nick finds a way to manage and keep The Round’s food quality as high as ever. Indeed, it was a great moment for him when The Round pipped the Fellpack restaurant for no.1 spot on TripAdvisor in Summer 2021.

In his days off you won’t find Nick. Being a Cumbrian local, he knows how to avoid the crowds and will be chilling somewhere quiet or foraging for some local delicacies!

Favourite Fellpack things:

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese; Harissa Stickle

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