Luke Morgan
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Luke Morgan is Chef at Fellpack.

The bringer of technicolour joy

Things are just better when Luke is around. His blend of creativity, culinary skills and calm make him a pleasure to work alongside. As the restaurant is at full tilt, spinning around him with an angular velocity that would make Bryson proud, his serenity keeps us on course.

With hair full of colour, and a dress sense that is distinctly his, Luke is one of a kind. Born-and-bred in Penrith, he worked in some excellent kitchens around the town before moving down the A66 and joining Fellpack in early 2019. A man who is known (and loved) by all who meet him, he makes good use of his extensive contact book to cater for private events and weddings alongside his Fellpack responsibilities.

In his spare time, Luke can be found at either end of two extremes: the latest avant-garde festival with his partner Stu, or in the quieter parts of the eastern fells with his dog Charlie. He certainly won’t be at his computer, given his aversion to all things tech!

Favourite Fellpack things:

Vegan Tiramisu; Cauliflower Carbonara

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