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Jenny Brand is Operations Director.

The master plate spinner

Cool, calm, and collected, at least on the surface, Jenny is the epitome of professionalism and maturity. She’s one of those Head Girl, Oxford degree, high-flying city career types. Yet, below the surface lies a risk taker, a free spirit, and a girl with a mischievous laugh.

A decision to leave London led her to Fellpack, as the allure of the fells and the intrigue of small business entrepreneurialism were chosen in favour of the trappings of the city. Not all luxuries were set aside though, and her white (she claims grey) Range Rover is now claiming all lanes of any country road it finds itself on.

Yet London’s loss is our gain and Jenny’s can-do, unflappable attitude has made Fellpack appreciably better and allows her to deal with the dramas of daily life: whether that be chef resignations; finding, stocking and staffing food trucks or waking up in a field post-festival with purple hair, no wallet and no phone (purely hypothetical of course!)

Fellpack Favourite things:

Chicken Schnitzel Fellpot; Amaretto Whisky Sour

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