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Charlotte Williams is Assistant General Manager at The Round.

The creator of the vibe

Charlotte effortlessly raises the cool level of every room she enters by at least 50%. This, combined with her Cumbrian heritage – which means she knows pretty much everyone – makes The Round feel like permanent party.

She joined the Fellpack family back in the early 19 Lake Road days, before heading off to travel and work her way around the world. Now she’s back at The Round, returning with the same fun-loving spirit and chat, but also with her partner, Louis in tow. He’s similarly become a much-loved member of the team.

An awesome skier, Charlotte may have swapped the Alps for our smaller fells, but this wannabe hippy is still happiest outside – heading up Dodd for sunrise or heading down to the lake with her paddle-board and a vegan snack (she tells us she’s “going to start eating vegan” at least once a month…).

Favourite Fellpack things:

Beet the Pack, Cauliflower carbonara, The Round’s Margarita

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