Celine Marie Hebert
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Celine Marie Hebert is Assistant General Manager at The Darkroom, The Round.

The heartbeat of the floor

Celine is that rare mix of Welsh and French, but unlike a leek and foie gras (or something else suitably clichéd), this combination works a treat.

Although a relative newbie to Cumbria, Courchevel’s Covid loss was our gain, this hasn’t stopped her quickly making the Lakes her home. Indeed, her Insta presence is one that evokes envy of the local adventures she finds on a weekly basis.

She is the heartbeat of The Round’s floor team, balancing charm and charisma with hard work and diligence. She is kind and caring, and we can unanimously say a shift is made better (and easier) if Celine is working alongside you.

Favourite Fellpack things:

Katsu Bells; Cauliflower Carbonara; Raspberry Mojito


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