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Catherine Abbott is General Manager at The Darkroom.

Our very own Duchess

Fellpack’s longest serving team member, Catherine is Fellpack royalty and has seen it all. Whether it be kitchen meltdowns, fire alarm dramas or quirky part-timers to manage she’s been there and done it. She has worked in all four Fellpack buildings, heard 100+ sales pitches on what we should do next and she’s still smiling.

That is Catherine’s magic. Loyal, diligent and caring, she has helped build the Fellpack culture which she has then passed on to many of the wider team. Now in charge of her own site, she is finding her way to set the vibe and tone to match what she has seen and where she thinks it should go.

Coffee and dogs are two of Catherine’s favourite things, and she can be found out exploring the fells with Bailey her miniature dachshund (or perhaps more likely snuggled up next to him recovering from the previous night’s exploits!)

Favourite Fellpack things:

Katsu Bells with American Cheese; Cauliflower Carbonara; Lemon Meringue Pie cocktail


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