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Bibi Link is Restaurant Supervisor at The Darkroom, Fellpack, , The Round.

She who cannot be defeated

Everything is made better with Bibi around. She has a wide array of skills coupled with a work ethic and productivity that is inspiring to work alongside. Furthermore, her cheeky smile and general joie de vivre make even the busiest shifts more enjoyable.

Bibi is a true hospitality professional and a true Cumbrian. Her parents ran restaurants, and it is in her blood. Indeed, the site of the current Fellpack restaurant used to be Morrel’s, which had an excellent reputation for 20 years and was run by her family. Assisting in the family business led to a degree in Hospitality Business Management and now a career in the restaurant game.

You will find Bibi across all our sites performing a myriad of roles: from barista to restaurant floor supervising to being part of the kitchen team. When not at work, she loves being out walking in the countryside and the treats this affords, whether that be coffee & cake or several piña coladas!

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