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Alex Chapman is Deputy General Manager at Fellpack, .

This charming man

A born-and-bred Mancunian, Chappers has recently relocated to the Lakes, having spent many of the previous years working his way up through the Manchester hospitality scene. He has seen some things along the way. Indeed, could his recent two-year hiatus in New Zealand “travelling” have been a need to get out of Dodge? Who knows!

Yet, what we do know is that the Fellpack team is made all the better for his arrival. He has developed his own brand of easy-going dedication, quickly improving, and progressing many elements of the Fellpack restaurant experience.

Alex has quickly settled into Lake District living and outdoor adventure chasing, whether hiking with his dog or out cycling the various passes that surround Keswick. It’s just a pity his bike’s electric (or so rumour has it!)

Favourite Fellpack things:

Summit’s Burn vegan-style; Cauliflower Carbonara; Jungle Bird cocktail


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