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Five great things to find in The Darkroom

1. Vegan Spiced Pear Cake

Straight from the Fellpack restaurant kitchen comes our Spiced Pear Cake. This is Luke’s creation and he has mastered the vegan cake (and desserts – check out the Vegan Tiramisu!) Perfect in the afternoon with your favourite coffee.

2. James Appleton’s Buttermere Giants Photo

James is a master with a camera and his work adorns The Darkroom centre piece. It is hard to choose a favourite but the calm serenity of Buttermere at sunset takes some beating!

3. The Darkreuben Bagel

We are unashamed bagel lovers and this little beauty was first trialled at The Round before finding its home here. Salt beef, sauerkraut, rocket, Emmental cheese and reuben sauce goodness make this a classic. This is our top seller and a must for a quick pitstop lunch.

4. A Darkroom Mug

We love pottery. Our first restaurant – the original Fellpack – was built around great pottery and one of the best parts of opening the darkroom was returning to the design process and creating something that looks great and perfectly complements the coffee we sell. We think you will agree too!

5. The View From Table 3

The view from the window in The Darkroom is special. An array of peaks can be seen that make you longingly wish to be outside again, even when escaping the rain. The George Fisher Tea Round was born here too. A Round that links the peaks that are visible from this very window!

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